Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stampin Up Workshop

I have been wanting to learn more about Stampin Up so I recently held a workshop in my home. The workshop leader(Lyn Hadley) made the Halloween card with the candy in it and then gave it to me. The rest of the cards were made by me, but were her designs. The spider envelope has 3 Rockets candies in it. We had lots of fun and I enjoyed learning some new techniques to add to my repertoire!

**All items are Stampin Up.


Linda said...

Looks like you made some very lovely cards at your workshop. I have only been to one SU workshop and it was lots of fun.

Deb said...

Those are great. Looks like you made some very cute projects. My daughter is a SU demo so I love helping her come up with ideas for workshops and....I'm her best customer! :-)