Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wedding Table Set - Placecards and More

A close friend's son got married last month, and I was asked to make some items for the wedding tables. The tables were covered with black and white damask table cloths and had a vase of red flowers in the centre of each one. This is a sample of the placecard I made to match. What's with the fish name you ask? Well, the groom is an avid fisherman, so they decided to give each of the tables a fish name instead of a number. The placecards were pretty time consuming given all the layers on the flowers plus all the layers of the card, and I had to make 128 of them! Thankfully it wasn't a very big wedding reception.
Here is a close-up of of the menu. Sounds like a yummy meal doesn't it?
This picture shows you how many menus I had to make. There are 17 of them there which means lots and lots of layers, especially including the layers on the flowers too!
And of course...a sample of the table number, uhh I mean fish!
This picture shows how I did 17 different fish, each one printed by computer, but painstakingly cut out by hand and then mounted with 3D foam tape. Each card is the same on both sides, so technically I had to do 34 of them altogether.

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