Saturday, October 30, 2010

2 Different Poinsettia Cards

This card is my absolute favourite so far this year. I got the idea to make the poinsettia from my lss where I bought the stamp. I embossed the image on green, and then ivory cs using gold EB powder, cut each one out and layered them with 3D squares. I added a little gold and red glitter as well. The border is the MS scroll punch set. The ivory bg is embossed with the poinsettia and clear EB powder. It doesn't show up well in the picture but adds to the texture of the card.
I made this poinsettia the same way only using silver EB powder. I also embossed some scrolls with clear EB powder for this bg. It shows up a little better in this pic. Sentiment is embossed with silver EB powder.

I have several more cards coming, but still need to take pictures of them, so stay tuned or check back in over the next week or so. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate all the comments. They are very encouraging!

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