Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Bootie Tutorial

I figured I better get this posted tonight since I have a busy weekend ahead.  Here is the tutorial for the baby bootie shower favours below.  The pictures are pretty self-explanatory.  They are very simple and easy to make.  I got everything I needed for them in the dollar store.

Supplies:  Jumbo cotton balls (2 per bootie), plastic shot size cups (2 per bootie), cocktail size napkins, ribbon in a matching colour, and scissors.  
**For the ribbon, you will need approximately a 12"-14" length per bootie, depending on type of ribbon.  Wider ribbons will take a little longer piece.

Spread out the napkin and set one cup and 2 cotton balls on top in the centre.
 Bring up the back corner and tuck it into the cup.
 Bring up the front corner around the cotton balls and tuck it into the cup.
 Snip off a little bit of each tip, but not too much.  This helps it be less bulky when tucked into the cup.  The top cup fits better by doing this.
 Bring up the left side and tuck it into the cup.
 Bring up the right side and tuck it into the cup, smoothing it out as you tuck it in.
 Place the second cup in the bootie, leaving a little bit at the top the width of your ribbon.
Tie your ribbon around the top of the cup with a bow.  Fill the cup with candies or items of your choice.

If you make these, please comment and post a link for me to see what you did! 


Cath said...

Aww! So cute! :)

Anonymous said...

this will be great for my niece's baby shower. i have been looking everywhere for easy cheap thing's thank you so much, Debra

Anonymous said...

Cute party favors !!! what size are the cups? are these the size of communion cups or punch cups? I am doing a baby shower in July and these will be soooo sweet. Thank you for the idea and the how to info, Candy