Friday, December 24, 2010

Lastly...The Christmas Tags

I'm sorry it took me so long to get the rest of my cards and these tags posted. As you know Christmas time is busy enough, but I've also had 12 appointments in 17 days, plus I've been sick now for the past week with my asthma. It's been hard sitting at my computer without coughing. However, I finally got to it so I guess it's better late than never!

As I work I often cut out a shape or make something to put on a card that I don't end up using. I put all those shapes and items into a large envelope and hold onto them for future use. This time, they came in handy as I used them to make my Christmas tags. As you can see I don't like to waste anything! It feels good putting them to good use too, and not having them sit in the envelope until next year.


Deb said...

These are amazing!!! I had hoped to make some tags for Christmas this year but didn't get it done. But after seeing these I am going to have to find the time before next Christmas to create a few!!! TFS


Anna ~ Flatkatt said...

What a fantastic selection of tags! Great way to use up those spare shapes - all I seem to do is collect them!