Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rose Tutorial

This picture shows the supplies I used. You can use any flower shaped punch or die cut similar to mine. If you have 3 different sizes it's easier, but I only had two. You could probably even get away with just one, and cut the edges to make the flowers 3 different sizes. I'm using a small dollar store punch, but you can make them whatever size your punches are. I showed the big pink punch because I used it to punch my smallest flower.
This picture shows how many flowers I punched and the sizes. As you can see, because I only had 2 different sized punches I used my scissors to cut the edges to make the one flower slightly smaller than the 2 bigger ones. The next step was to ink the edges. I inked both sides so the pink can be seen when the petals are bent up.
Then I bent the petals up on each one. The smaller the flower, the more I bent the petals up. You can see how the smallest flower looks pretty crumpled in.
The final step is to assemble and glue the flowers starting with the biggest on the bottom and ending with the smallest on top. The pearl is the finishing touch. Re-bend the petals as needed. The picture makes the smallest flower look flat, but it is really quite bent. It must look flat because I took the picture straight on.

As you can see the roses are pretty easy to make. You can use coloured cardstock or just white cardstock and ink it to match the ink on the card. If you have a leaf punch you can add leaves as I did in my card below. I inked them to match as well. I'm guessing if you make a bigger rose, you may need to add an extra layer or two to fill the flower out. The finished size of my flower is only about a 1/2" in diameter.

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Deb said...

OMG Thanks so much for the tutorial for the roses!!! I can't wait to go give them a try!!!! They are so pretty!!

Thanks again!