Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FINALLY! I Finally Have Time To Post Again

This past year has been so crazy for my family and I.  I had to go back to work last May (until January), I had surgery, my sister had several surgeries, my niece got married and had a baby, in the fall we had 6 funerals, but on the positive side and best of all my husband got a short term contract job and then in January he finally landed a new job that was the kind of job he was actually hoping for.  Three years of unemployment woes have officially come to an end!  So FINALLY life is starting to return to normal and that means having the time and the mindset to be able to focus on my blog again.  I continued to make cards but have been too busy to post anything until now.  I have several cards and projects to post, so I am going to try in the next few days to get them all set up so that there will be a new post every day until I get all caught up.  I hope you will keep checking back in and give me your feedback which is always welcome!

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